installation by Gera Dillon, photo by Baye Hunter



Claudette Abrahams
Multi-Media artist, exhibits locally to internationally
Wende Bartley Performance/installation/sound: local to international
Eva Beyerle-Rutherford  Textiles; local
Carol Bigwood  Painter; drummer, academic; local
Colin Brodie  Painter; local
Betsy Canfield Ceramist; local
Manual Cappel Mixed media; local
Marcia Crist Multi-media; local
Robin Christmas Installation; local
Geoff Currie Installation/sculptor; local & provincial
Michael Davey  Sculptor/installation; teacher; local to International 
Katherine Dolgy Ludwig Painter/teacher; local to international
Kathleen Doody Sculptor/installation artist (lanterns); exhibits & teaches locally
Gera Dillon  Photographer; local
Kuno Egger Installation; local
Jerry Englar   Painter; activist; local & provincial
Leida Englar Painter; activist; local & provincial
Mitch Fenton Sculptor; exhibits local & Provincial
Judi Frost Painter; local & provincial
Erik Gamble Painter; local to national
Ron Gaskin Rogue Radio; local
Brooke Gibson  Painter; exhibits extensively in local Toronto galleries
Paul Grajauskas Installation artist; exhibits locally
Doug Guildford  Printmaker/installation artist; local to national
Denise Hammond Installation; local
Brad Harley  Shadowland Theatre Inc.; multi-media artist; local to provincial
Jane E. Hobbins Mixed media; local
April Hickox Photographer; locally and nationally, co-founder of Gallery 44
Delwyn Higgens Installation artist; collaborates w. M. Davey; local to international
Warren Hoselton Installation – found objects; local   
Laurie Jones Painter; exhibits at local galleries; local & provincial
Noah Kenneally Performer/installation; local
Joanna Kidd   Sculptor/photographer; exhibits locally
Barbara Klunder Painter; multimedia & graphic artist; works nationally & internationally
Sandy Krzyzanowski Textile/installation; teacher; local & provincial
Valerie LeBlanc Sculptor/installation; local & provincial
Lee L’Clerc Painter; local to national
David Pelletier  Sculptor; local to international
Tery Pelletier Painter; local to provincial
Paulette Pelletier-Kelly  Installation artist; local
Anne Lacey  Installation; local
Ina Levytsky  Multi-media/installation artist; local
Lisa Lipsett Installation; local
Barry Lipton Installation; local
Gary MacLeod Installationartist/sculptor; local
Glenn MacArthur Installation; local
Andre McConnachie  Installation/sculptor; local
Karen McKinnell  Glass; local & provincial
Luisa Milan Textile artist; exhibits locally
Karen Morch Mixed media; local
Janet Morton  Textiles; local to international
Joseph Muscat Sculptor; local & provincial
Alice Norton Installation; local
Richard O’Brien  Installation; local
Michael Page Holographic/installation; teacher OACD; local to international
Christopher Pinheiro Textile/Installation, local & international
Ken Randall Installations-found objects; local
Bill Roedde  Sculptor; exhibits locally
Linda Rosenbaum Photographer; local
Irina Schestakowich    Painter & printmaker; Open Studio, locally & international
Samantha Serra Multi-media artist; local
Rick/Simon Photographer & graphic designer; exhibitions locally
David Smiley Photographer, local to provincial
Bruce Smith  Metal & fire sculptor; local to provincial
Ted Syperek Installation artist; local
Alison Sterry Painter, printmaker; local & provincial
Julie Stone Photographer; exhibits locally
Talia   Multi-media/installation; local & provincial


Toronto Island Housing Initiative  
Installation; local collective
Leg Up Productions Installation; local collective



Jacquey Malcom Composer, cellist

Anne Bourne 

Composer, cellist   

Culpable Behaviour: 


Free jazz improvisation group for Rogue Rave  (Grahame Beakhust, Dwight Chalmers, Jerry Englar, Alice Norton,
Leida Englar)








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