installation by Marci Crist & Andre McConnachie, photo by Rick / Simon

rogue wave n. an unpredictable, abnormally large wave that occurs on a seemingly random basis in the oceans. Freak waves, also known as rogue waves, or monster waves, are relatively large and spontaneous ocean surface waves that can sink even medium-large ships. Once thought to be legendary, they have in recent years come to be recognized as a natural and relatively common ocean phenomenon

ROGUE WAVE is the homegrown outdoor exhibition of sculpture and installation art held on the Toronto Islands. Like the natural phenomenon it is named after, the exhibition takes place at irregular and seemingly random times. When the exhibition is on, one can stumble on a rusty house tucked away in a meadow, see shadowy figures in a copse or hear whimsical wind chimes in a poplar tree. Many of the artworks are inspired by and reflect the Island’s rich history and unique landscape – its sand dunes, wet meadows, cottonwood forests, lagoons and wetlands.

ROGUE WAVE was founded by four Island residents in the spring of 1998. Prior to this, ‘rogue’ art installations had appeared on the Island only to be removed by Parks Department staff. The creation of the ROGUE WAVE organization has allowed artists to work collaborately with the City’s Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department on seven successful exhibitions over ten years. This has allowed over 20,000 people to experience a wide range of works, including site-specific installations, collaborative projects, pre-existing pieces that have been re-located, pirate radio broadcasts, fire and water sculptures, photographic installations and musical events.

ROGUE WAVE artists range in experience from professional artists with national reputations to artists working outside their traditional media to emerging artists and new collaborations. What links them all is their delight in installing imaginative and sometimes profound artworks in a unique and magical place, the Toronto Islands.

Rogue Wave 2010 will be taking place this year from September 11 to November 6.  

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